Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: How to ensure that your vehicle will pass its MOT test

Cars should also go through a routine health check every year to make sure that they are road legal and fit to run. More than 35% of cars fail their MOT test during the first try and it’s sometimes because of a simple problem like a broken bulb. You must learn how to do some proper checks on your vehicle yourself to avoid the cost of taking the MOT test the second time.

Your first step could involve checking the lights of your vehicle. Is there a broken light bulb at the rear of the car? You might not notice it at first as a driver, but Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group suggests a simple test you can easily perform that includes determining if all the lights are equally bright and functional. First, gently touch the brake pad and see if the rear brake lights illuminate the garage door, and if it does, it’s working just fine. Next, flick the fog light on and off to confirm if it’s working or not.

Next step includes checking the tyres. Before the test, replace the tyres if their tread depth is anywhere below 2mm. The mechanic will still put an advisory notice to replace those tyres soon even if your vehicle passed the MOT test. Ensure that the tyre pressure is also at the suggested level.

The MOT test also encompasses the examination of the safety level of your vehicle. The mechanic will test the safety of the driver side view, so simple fixes on the windscreen wipers, rear view mirror and the wing mirrors could give good results in the end.

Some mechanics refuse to service dirty cars so it’s better to clean your vehicle inside and out beforehand. Performing regular maintenance on your car could also result to a smooth process during the MOT test because you might not face big problems regarding your car. Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group recommends regularly checking the fluid levels, testing the electrics, and keeping the tyres of your vehicle in good condition all the time.

Looking for a place that could perform an MOT test to your vehicle? Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can take care of that, and included in their MOT test is the examination of both the safety of your car and the level of emissions released from the exhaust. Your vehicle might not be insured and you can’t renew your road tax if you don’t have an MOT certificate.

Looking for a free, annual reminder service for you and your vehicle? Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can provide that. Each of its centres is accredited by VOSA and the staff members were well-trained. Call or email them to make a booking or check their online booking now.


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